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Storykeeper Books - Diana Greenwood


Diana specializes in vintage and rare books at Tews, and the collection for sale in her space is extensive. Expect to find first edition classics, poetry by the well-known and obscure, beautifully illustrated children’s books, and collectible nonfiction, especially in the history genre. There is something for every book lover. In addition, Diana’s space has a strong focus on vintage and antique original fine art, library furnishings, architectural elements, lighting, antique hardware, and the odd and unexpected trinket.

Diana Greenwood joined the family at Tews Treasures in November of 2014 and brought 35 years of commercial store planning and design along with her. She is fussy about color and theme, and you may see her moving a piece of furniture an inch to the left so the angles are perfectly aligned with the slant of the sun through the west windows.

A long-time collector of antiques, a former owner of two successful Napa businesses, and a wine writer for various publications and clients, Diana is also a published author of young adult fiction. Her first novel, Insight (Zondervan, Harper Collins), was released in hardcover in 2011 and in paperback in 2012. Diana says that one reason she enjoys working at Tews is that she is surrounded by stories.

“My true love is books,” said Diana. “I am an avid reader and a collector of antique books, especially illustrated children’s books. At Tews, everything is a story. As a writer, I am fascinated by the tales our guests tell as well as the idea that each antique chair or bauble or painting traveled from one place to another, touched by hands that held the stories of that journey.”

Book Blog

It is an election year and Presidents’ Day is right around the corner so what better time to feature this rare and fascinating book? This beauty is 134 years old. 
Think about that. 
Back in 1882 when this gorgeous golden leather was tooled, the gilt was applied to the paper edges, and these exclusive engravings were painstakingly carved on steel—back then, books were works of art. 
Lives of the Presidents of the United States of America: From Washington to the Present Time by John S. C. Abbott and Russell H. Conwell takes the reader through a narrative of the most interesting events in the career of each president, twenty rulers of equal excellence, from Washington to Garfield. If you are a history buff, it is impossible to open this book and not be instantly captivated. With meticulous detail the authors tell the stories of the men in the White House, their private lives, innermost thoughts, the mothers and fathers who raised them and the wives who believed in their journeys, the assassinations we still mourn today, and the quips and quotes and hardships that made these leaders human. 
This is a rare glimpse into the lives of the presidents who shaped our nation in a book that you will never see again. 
Beautiful and important—all pages tight, with a small tear to the cloth on the spine and some bumping to the corners, slight foxing to a few interior pages but no tears or markings, original owner’s inscription on frontispiece, overlay tissues intact, boards solid—this true collector’s book is in overall good condition and is offered considerably below list at $250.00. 
Think about that.

Diana Greenwood

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