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Recycled Relics

Mike's interest in metal began when he was a child visiting his Grandpa's junkyard in the Mohave Desert.  He began welding about 5 years ago as a hobby and way to relax and keep his mind off his busy career in Law Enforcement.  His wife, Lisa, shared his love of metal junk, and also liked painting and repurposing vintage furniture and home décor pieces.  Together they started their home based business, Recycled Relics.  In their space you will find metal art ranging from small cut out pieces to large yard art sculptures, chalk painted furniture, vintage goods, and repurposed items. Lisa loves to deal in "smalls" that are reasonably priced.  She feels small pieces add character and make a house a home, even on a budget! 

Mike works in local Law Enforcement and Lisa teaches children with special needs.  They are high school sweethearts and have been married for 28 years.  The Clarks have 3 children, Amber, Austin, and Colton, all of whom participate in the family business.  Mike and Lisa also enjoy gardening and keeping chickens. They are very excited to be joining another family run business, Tews Treasures, and look forward to this new chapter in their lives.