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RebelGirl Records - Sherry Moser

"I've always had bizarre treasures for sale including a life sized Marilyn Monroe Cow!"

Sherry loves rustic original pieces, garden art and anything odd. Especially items so unique that you can't help but pick up and wonder about its history and journey.  Sherry's space has a vast variety of cool finds including antique furniture, succulents, original artwork, garden decor, albums and historical pieces from Napa. She will soon be selling vintage jewelry, comic books, baseball cards, military memorabilia and an autograph collection.

Sherry Moser is an RN at Queen of the Valley Hospital and her co-workers/friends love to hear about her newest finds. The path that led her to Tews Treasures has been incredible. Sherry was curious about storage auctions and loved the adrenaline rush of bidding and winning. With an abundance of treasures and stuff, her daughter Heather introduced her to the world of on-line garage sale sites(back then it was Virtual Garage Sales and Napa's Best Bargains).

Sherry consigned her collectibles and antiques and then became a vendor at an antique shop where her life would truly change. Vendors Trish Simpson and Diana Greenwood worked along side Sherry over the years and shared their knowledge and passion. They are now her Pickin' buddies hence the name 3chixpickin! "It's awesome we are on this journey together.", said Sherry.

Sherry has four children, Heather, Alecia, Cameron and Savannah along with a supportive family who have contributed to help turn her hobby into a fun business venture. Sherry feels so fortunate to have a family with talents to refinish, repair and tinker with anything she brings by. It's not unusual for her daughter Heather to call and alert her to a cool find (especially if it's FREE). Heather is also a great resource for creative ideas and feedback. Sherry's mom is always on the lookout as well and has so many creative inventions and unique ideas (her succulent arrangements are amazing).

“I am honored to be part of this new venture at Tews Treasures with this incredible family. Just wait until you see what the other vendors have for sale... Amazing talented artists. All I can say is if you need a unique gift... This is the place to be!”