Tews Treasures

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Nancy Brown & Sally Wright-Miller


Intro to Napa Valley Twisted Sister Designs!

It's a funny story about two friends that have an overwhelming ability to see that the ugly duckling can really become a swan! Nancy Brown and Sally Miller were both raised in Napa Valley and became friends 29 years ago. Getting married within three weeks of each other and both having children all around the same time! Nancy had Sam and Ilenna, Sally with two boys Jon and Josh.

They have always enjoyed collecting antiques, painting furniture and creating things out of old items to sell and give to friends and family. Parenthood alone should make anyone a little 'twisted', so they added a business to the mix. Sally became an esthetician and Nancy became a massage therapist and together opened a Day Spa in 2001. They owned the company for 10 years and both decided that it became to much like work and they weren't having fun anymore and closed in 2010.

In 2015 this duo decided to put their talents back to work. After years of collecting and selling to other pickers they decided to open Napa Valley Twisted Sister Designs. They have arrived at Tews Treasures with great attitude, optimism and a slogan - Creativity is Contagious, Pass it On! Within their space you will find unique items you won't find anywhere else. Some finished, created by hand or ready for your own creative outlet.