Tews Treasures

The most eclectic place to shop in Napa Valley.

Tews Treasures Artisan & Antique Collective is delighted to introduce a new program for designers!

“Expand Your Horizons”

Tews Treasures is a 6,000 sq.ft. showroom brimming with modern and antique furniture, tasteful decoratives, fine art and quality prints, plus repurposed and upcycled one-of-a-kind pieces. You’ll find rare oddities, antique books, clocks, mirrors, and unique creations by talented craftspeople exclusive to our company.

Ten artisans & antique collectors add fresh items daily.

We are your source for exclusive finds at unrivaled prices.

"Expand Your Horizons" is a bi-weekly glimpse of our ever-changing inventory of treasures. This newsletter is customized to your industry & specifically tailored to fit your style of jobs based on your wishlist.

Tell us what you’re looking for. We just might have a match!

“Expand Your Horizons” is designed for you, the designer.


October Art Exhibit - Brenden Shanks - Philosopher of Design

October Art Exhibit - Brenden Shanks - Philosopher of Design

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